New Items at Cazador Caravan

If you don’t know the story yet my bank decided I did not need all the money that I had so the kind of screwed me for a bit. I’ve got half the orders out but I still need to get some finances together to get the other half out. So I made new items to help sell them and cover the rest of the orders.

Nuka Cola Bottlecap Bullet Casing Charms – $7.50

I made up eight of these guys and they’re pretty nice. You can add them to a keyring or a necklace or a zipper pull.

Bottlecap Windchime made from recycled materials – $17.50

These have five rows of caps and 12 caps per row. They’re pretty nice sounding in a wind. I made three of them. Perfect for a post apocalyptic patio.

Shotgun Barrel Pipe Dagger – $20

I made a pipe dagger from my old 16 gauge shotgun barrel. The cloth tape is on there to provide a solid grip but you can take it off.

The barrel is pitted outside for a unique look and it’s been sharpened and hardened. Works great against soft targets. Can also be attached to a shaft to make a spear.

And as always I have a couple file knives and my suckers.

Stop on by and buy something, it’ll really help me out. Thank you for looking.