@40hoursoffreedom “Life changes and so …

“Life changes and so will your van. This is one of my favorite photos of our rig and looking back it’s amazing to see how many things we have changed in our little home since this adventure at the salt flats.

The truth is you can plan your layout down to the very last details but until you actually live in it… you have no idea what works and what doesn’t.
But just life like you can’t let paralysis by analysis hold you back from embarking on the adventure. No matter the risk… you may find yourself uncomfortable or even stressed at times. Remember that those challenges don’t define the experience or your life. You have the ability to make changes and learn from those experiences.
Take a step forward today that will get you closer to your BIG goal. Make a change that will bring you closer to Living your DREAM life. Dreams don’t exist in social media… you have to CREATE them. #createmoreconsumeless”