“Every spring, we celebrate Gearvalanche…

“Every spring, we celebrate Gearvalanche Day. What’s a #gearvalanche, you ask? Well, it’s the gigantic stuff-vomit that occurs when you take all your belongings out of your house.

On that day, which actually isn’t really celebrated, but rather dreaded by JR and I both, we drive out onto a piece of remote land, spread our stuff out on the ground, and reevaluate each item we own, asking if any one of JR’s 4 shirts, or any one of my drawer-full of books still belongs in here, if each spoon and fork and plate is worth carrying every day, 365 days a year.

Because we travel with everything we own (and I mean that literally. All of our belongings are in here with us), we are incredibly choosy about what we let stay. And (this is where things get complicated) JR and I are also extremely opinionated about which items are appropriate to own. AND—you guessed it—we often don’t agree about what makes the cut. You bet there was a fair amount of arguing this year on Gearvalanche Day. After rounds of negotiation, some pitiful pleading, and more tears than I’d like to admit, I wound up a few books lighter, Sunshine lost 20 pounds of random stuff and—surprise surprise—JR still owns a total of 4 shirts.
Words and photo @idletheorybus

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