katiesbasement: It’s been a few weeks since w…


It’s been a few weeks since we purchased El Tortuga, our new ‘77 VW Bus, and we have been busy making plans for the restoration! One of my favorite things is rescuing these old souls and bringing them back to their former glory.

We’ve ordered a handful of parts, fixed a few brake/clutch issues, and given it a healthy 3 coats of wax while we wait for a slot to open up for a new coat of paint.

All in all, this bus is in great shape! Little to no rust (just surface rust in a few places that needs to be sanded before it becomes deep cancer), and a decent interior (all the camping parts work great). Engine seems to be running great after a few adjustments. 

We’re excited to start on this journey with this newer bus! We learned so much from the restore on our ‘67, and can’t wait to start all over again.