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Cazador Caravan is back

Due to the death of my father I took a bit of a break but now Cazador Caravan is back with all of my old staples such as Prickly Pear & Mormon Tea Suckers, Nuka Cola caps and the addition of jewelry. I’m currently working on bullet jewelry and other wasteland type items that will be added to the store in the next week or two but for now Cazador Caravan is open again.

Because I did take a month break from my shop I’m in need of a bit of money so if you’d like to help me out by purchasing something please do. I also do commissions on weapons, bags, jewelry, carvings, pendants and many other items. If you want something made send me a message and we can work out the details. 

First snow for Tearcuby. Let’s go somewh…

First snow for Tearcuby. Let’s go somewhere where the sun kiss the fresh and deep snow. #tinycamper #teardroptrailer #firstsnow #wintercamping #tearcuby #adventure

Hey everybody. New Year, New Ideas. Guess wha…

Hey everybody. New Year, New Ideas.

Guess what the model is coming? Yes, not all parts designed very well but the progress is moving forward. This is not actually teardrop, but with similar type – squaredrop 🙂

Lightweight, fully insulated composite body, no wood, less-axle offroad suspension, huge awning, electric independence with a solar system, sleep area for a family of 4, a lot of space for storage and more.

If you always wanted to build the mini camper by yourself and…

If you always wanted to build the mini camper by yourself and have a limited amount of money, but you were afraid about know-how, have a lot of questions of construction and so on.
We have a new Deal, 👉 DIY Kit👈.
Please open website URL for more details.
We have few packages models, here you will find the good choices for your own trailer.

Cazador Caravan – a real wasteland caravan

For years now I’ve had the dream to travel the western US and the rest of the country peddling my wares and meeting new people at flea markets, festivals and swap meets. My etsy business has done decent but remained small time. I’d like to take it full time but to do so I need a little financial help. Since I don’t have and currently can’t maintain a proper full time job due to taking care of my parents I am unable to get a loan from a bank. However I’d like to ask you for a little help in reaching my goals. 

I wish to take this

And turn it into this

With a post apocalytic/wasteland paint scheme and my Cazador Caravan logo on the sides. 

I have a decent Ambulance lined up but I need money to purchase it, fly to Dallas to get it, drive back with it, retrofit it into the Cazador Caravan and license it plus get insurance. That’s going to take a bit of money that I simply don’t have at the moment but in order to expand my business and get more supply I’d like to ask for your donation.

$10 Donations get a five pack of Prickly Pear Suckers, the same suckers I sell in my shop and everyone loves. 

$20 will get a 1.5oz jar of Prickly Pear Jelly.

$50 will get a sawblade knife made by me in the style of your choosing with a sheath. 

Thank you everyone for helping my business work and now for helping me reach full time with Cazador Caravan. I would love to continue this for years to come.  

And if you just want suckers I still have many for sale in my shop. Both Prickly Pear and Mormon Tea.

Norim pasileisti vietinį crowfunding’ą (minios finansavimą)…

Norim pasileisti vietinį crowfunding’ą (minios finansavimą) mainais į nuomą. Norite rezervuoti mūsų kemperiukus 1 dienai, suma 50€, norite trims – 150€ ir t.t. Nuomos sezoną paleisime kitais metais nuo balandžio pradžios.

Klausimas – ar būtų norinčių prisidėti prie finansavimo mainais į galimybę pakeliauti ar tiesiog savaitgalinę išvyką su specialiai tam pritaikytais tinycamper’iais? Išreiškite savo atsakymą ❤❤ ženkliuku arba komentaru ?.

Planas yra surinkti 120 žmonių arba 120 rezervuotų dienų, kad paleistume vieną tinycamper’į džiuginti jus.

tinycamper’is bus dviejų miegamų vietų (1.4x2m), vieta daiktams pasidėti, išskleidžiamas prieangis su lauko pašvietimu, virtuvėlė su būtiniausiais įrankiais, vanduo, talpi baterija pasikrauti mobilius įrenginius, laptopus ir pan. Toliau jau opcijos: dujinis šaldytuvas, saulės baterija, šildymas.
Pagal svorį ir gabaritus užtenka B kategorijos vairuotojo pažymėjimo, kuri sąnaudos max +20%.

Mormon Tea Suckers

Cazador Caravan presents Mormon Tea Suckers.

Made just the same as the Prickly Pear suckers except with Mormon Tea and a little bit of honey in addition to the corn syrup and sugar. 

The flavor is like Chamomile tea with a little bit of Pine mixed in and sweetened by honey. It’s nice and smooth and makes a tasty treat. 

Every sucker is dusted with powdered sugar then individually wrapped. They come in packs of five. 

I picked the tea from the Mojave, brewed it and made this delicious candy out of it. Take a look at the listing in my shop.