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“This was one of the first trips to the alps in our Syncro. We never went there before, but always wanted to go there and experience this alpin terrain.
The Syncro was the best vehicle for that.
Back in the days it was hard to get any information about the tracks and places to go.
So it was a little adventure for us.
When we arrived at the first track, everything was covered in deep deep fog. You could’t see anything.
So we went up corner after corner only guessing what it will look like when the fog has gone.
It was getting dark so we decided to stop and spent the night on top of the first summit.
The next morning was something to remember for ever.
Not a Single cloud at the sky and you could see for miles.
We were so blown away by this moment, that from there on we went there every single year !

Tag a friend who should do the same, maybe together with you !

Cheers guys ! I •

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